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It is difficult to adequately describe
how one loves. Sometimes,
it is little more than a feeling.
Other times, it is all-consuming,
burning and rippling through a soul
uninhibited; inextinguishable.


I am fascinated, drawn to each
quirk, each characteristic that
makes him whole.
When did that strand of hair,
the constellations on his back,
the subtle scent of his neck
become my everything?


I know now that love is comprised
of little things, like sacrifice, the ache
in my heart that no one sees, and
the spaces between our fingers.


Time went on, and our innocence wore down
in storms of tears and fury
as the morning air grew cold.
We strayed like crackling, falling leaves –
leaves no longer gold.
We met in fields of amber before the winter glow, and
those shades of fiery autumn were
glorious, you know.

On your worst days,
I will strengthen you and become the bones in your legs
when your knees begin to buckle.
I am the peeling birch's bark, bending in your shadow
to lightly brush your skin. I am the nectar in the myrtles
blooming in July, and in the eyes of your love when he looks at you.

Though we are separated by time and space, know that I am never farther than the pulse in your palm. Know that I am more than what they make of me in churches, in books, in government, in theory. I have a plan for you.
I am your God.

I am never far away, and
even when you lose faith in me,
I will never lose faith in you.


She feels safest within her self-proclaimed limits
that affect her own transparency in the mirror.


And so, mere books to most
Become, up close, rectangular windows
Of the soul of a small-town girl.


"You weren’t shy about moving your arm around me a few minutes into the movie, your hand coming to rest on my right shoulder and causing my skin to smolder beneath my sweater. I stared straight ahead, pretending like I was utterly absorbed in the story unfolding on the screen, but I couldn’t have told you a single thing about the storyline. In truth, I pretended that I was absorbed in the movie because I was paralyzed by feelings I hadn’t known were real until that moment. I was afraid of how strong they were; of just how much you were capable of making me feel."

"I felt like an island, surrounded by you on all sides, yet completely alone."

"I left no pocket of that Barnes & Noble unexplored, roaming through the aisles and running my fingers over each book as though they were precious commodities. Some people liked the smell of old bookstores, but I reveled in the scent of new books. There was a type of studious freshness that hung in the air; something about the way the ink of the text, bold and black, stood out against the ivory backdrop of each crisp, untouched page."

"I loved you more than any song or line or memory could ever express."

"We climbed the steps to the top of the museum, which for once wasn’t overrun with tourists and joggers. One of the most famous spots in Philly was suddenly exclusively ours, and it offered the most incredible view of the city’s center, complete with the dome of City Hall – a miniscule William Penn peering out from the very top – and the tips of illuminated skyscrapers piercing the darkness. 'Everything sparkles here,' I whispered, sitting next to you on the top step as I looked out in wonder. But you weren’t looking at the view. You were looking at me."

"You can't separate yourself from a feeling."

"Outside, we were the only two people to be found. It was midnight and freezing, and the wind scraped frosty fingers across our faces and blew snow up around us, making it hard to see. I tried to tuck my chin under my coat and drag my hat down over my eyes, and you walked in front of me to take the brunt of it. We threw some snowballs, made snow angels. You chased me, tackled me playfully to the ground. It was the most beautiful moment of falling apart I’ve ever known."

"In those moments, I allowed myself to feel everything that I was going to feel for you; for us. About what it would be like to not know you, to not love you anymore. And my throat closed and my heart collapsed through my rib cage onto my stomach, and I was a mess of caving in and sputtering and leaking like something broken."

"That entire last year with you, I learned that the process of letting go can actually begin long before goodbye."