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nov. 4, 2023 | sat

Sponsor: Bucks County Free Library
Location: Doylestown Library
Dates: November 4, 2023
Address: 150 S Pine St, Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: (215) 348-9081
Time: 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Price: Free to attend
nov. 11, 2023 | sat

Location: Commonplace Reader (Yardley, PA)
Date: November 11, 2023
Address: 49 S Main Street, Yardley, PA 19067
Time: 2-4 p.m.
Price: Free to attend
oct. 25, 2023 | wed

Reviewed by Antoinette Wessels for Readers’ Favorite
"The Summer Club by Lindsey Todd is a charming romance novel that will make you fall in love with this genre all over again. Jackie Sherman meets a dashing stranger at a bar, but he seems no stranger to her. Somehow, she feels that she knows him from somewhere. When she follows him down to the beach, he knows her name and tells her that she will see her life play out before her and how her decisions impacted her love life. Before she can protest further, the stranger draws her into the ocean. Jackie then witnesses her life and choices from the moment she meets Adam Crestfield to how everything turns out in the end. She is faced with the ultimate question: if she could have done it differently, would she?

Lindsey Todd took me on a journey through time, which I can say with the utmost honesty was one of the best ones I've had in a while. For lovers of everything from the 1950s and romance novels, The Summer Club is a must-read. The novel alternates between the before and the after, giving you a clear indication of what led to Jackie being in the situation she was in. This was an excellent writing technique from Lindsey Todd and ensured that I, as the reader, understood precisely why Jackie made her choices. The Summer Club is not only a romance novel but will also have you questioning what you regard as most important. A few times during the reading process, I asked myself if something was as important as I made it out to be. I grew as a person after reading this delightful story. This is a remarkable novel."
oct 2, 2023 | tue

Reality grad's debut novel explores faith, relationships
In 2012, Lindsey Todd was writing for this Reality youth panel as a student from Central Bucks High School West.

Less than a decade later, she has self-published her debut novel, "Closure".

Written in the second person and narrated by a coming-of-age girl who struggles between her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Wade, and her deeply held convictions rooted in her Catholic faith, "Closure" is a unique reading experience.

Todd’s grasp of human nature and realism as along with her ability to create a conflict which wriggles the readers' hearts from multiple angles make "Closure" essential reading — especially for those pondering the role of their faith to be in
oct 1, 2023 | tue

Lindsey Todd. Veritas Words, $14.99 trade paper (260p) ISBN 978-1-51366-344-9

Todd debuts with a powerful epistolary novel of a young woman torn between her love for a man and love for God. Morgan Wells writes a long letter to her first love, Wade, examining the highs and lows of their six-year relationship. Morgan and Wade meet during their first year of high school and start dating their junior year. While Wade wins Morgan over with promises to never hurt her and always take care of her, he soon insists on going further sexually than Morgan is comfortable with. (While they are both Catholic, Morgan is much more devout than Wade, who wonders if God is real and if keeping faith is necessary.) As the relationship matures and they become sexually active, Morgan struggles with the dichotomy between what her faith teaches and the life she is living. She prays for Wade and hopes he will finally embrace God, but comes to the realization their differences might be irreconcilable. Morgan and Wade’s relationship builds gradually, which makes the intensity of Morgan’s moral wrangling and difficulty making a final decision resonate. Todd’s moving, emotionally complex story nicely captures the magic and heartache of first love. (Self-published)