Lindsey has been wonderful to work with. As a start-up, we needed a rockstar writer to help us build out our blog and SEO efforts, and I'm really glad I found Lindsey. She has consistently delivered high quality writing, helping us create high quality content and increase our SEO presence in a span of months. She is very responsive and meets deadlines. I would highly recommend working with Lindsey!
Alyssa M.
Writer & Editor
I was extremely satisfied with Lindsey's copywriting abilities -- her writing is effective, straightforward, and to-the-point, exactly what I was looking for! We're looking forward to working more with her moving forward.
Minh D.
Marketing Manager
Lindsey has established herself as a lover of the written word, and she’s used her voice and position as copy writer to breathe life into our brand and to strengthen the connection with our consumers. She is an incredible writer with a contagious enthusiasm and a passion for storytelling. After only a short time working for me, she undoubtedly has my highest recommendation in pursuance of her dreams of pursuing anything in the writing field, whether it be editing, copywriting, reporting, or any other as her passion and drive will allow her to succeed.
Karyn C.
Global Brand Manager
Fortune 500
Snap up Lindsey while she’s still available for hire! She is one of the most professional and capable copywriters I have worked with, and I have worked with many! She’s taken care of a range of different copywriting tasks for us, ranging from email copy, to sales pages and blog articles and has always delivered high quality work on time. Would highly recommend her!
Navin S.
Director & CEO
Lindsey is an extremely talented and ardent writer. Her technical abilities and dedication to creating a great end product is evident in each piece that she writes. She has delivered each project with exceptional precision, appropriate writing tone, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend utilizing Lindsey's writing services for any project that demands the highest quality end result.
Tanya K.
Certified Transaction Coordinator
Real Estate
Lindsey has been a wonderful asset to our team. With her help, we have updated our site content and product descriptions, which improved our e-commerce site’s conversion rate and helped make us even better. Her output will be top-notch and worthy of your notice. We look forward to using her skills again in the future!
Robert G.
It's been a pleasure to work with Lindsey. She is extremely responsive and completes our projects in a professional and friendly manner. She is very communicative, and has provided us with great content for our website. We've enjoyed working with her!
Amanda B.
Marketing Manager
Nutrition & Wellness
Lindsey is an outstanding writer who quickly grasped the needs and subtleties of my business. While the topic was new to her, she immediately delivered great insightful content that's a pleasure to read. Besides being a talented writer, she also communicates clearly and never fails to deliver her work on time. I look forward to deepening our partnership!
Kevin G.
Director & CEO